Bible Experience 3

Participants are required to read the SDA Bible Commentary for the book of Luke (2 pages). The document can be downloaded as PDF here: Luke

Some 20 questions from the above document:

  • Concerning the title of Luke, please mention what was its title according to the earliest manuscripts A: “According to Luke”.
  • According to Tertullian, who was the “illuminator”, the one who provided much information for Luke, when writing his Gospel? A: Paul, the apostle
  • What was the relationship between Luke and Paul, according to the Muratorian Fragment? A: companion
  • What title can be given to Luke and Acts, seen as volumes 1 and 2 of the history of the church? A: “The Origin and Early Development of Christianity”
  • What was Luke’s professional training? (His job) A: Physician 
  • Concerning Luke’s pedigree, was he a Jew or a Gentile? A: Gentile
  • According to Eusebius, which was the hometown of Luke? A: Antioch
  • According to tradition, Luke was martyred in Greece. Please mention the manner of his death. A: nailed to an olive tree
  • Which book was written first, Luke or Acts? A: Luke
  • In Matthew, Jesus is presented as Teacher. In Mark, a Man of action, in John, as the Son of God. How is He presented in Luke? A: Luke brings Jesus into close contact with human needs, emphasizing His human side of His nature, and presents Him as the Friend of humanity.
  • Matthew writes for readers with Jewish background. Mark, for those of Latin background. For whom does Luke write? A: Greek background
  • Why did Luke trace the ancestry of Jesus all the way back to Adam? A: he wrote to all men
  • Please mention one medical reference in the Gospel, to hint that it’s author was a Physician. A: Luke 4:38; 5:12; 8:43
  • Please mention two of the three Christian historians who recognized Luke as the author of the Gospel. A: Eusebius, Tertullian, Iraneous.
  • Where did Luke live when writing the Gospel? Mention of the two probable cities. A: Antioch or Rome
  • What is the latest year of writing by which the book of Luke can be dated? A: A.D. 63
  • More than any other Evagelists, Luke describes many incidents revealing the ministry of Jesus for a particular part of community in Palestine. Which people was Luke focusing on? A: Gentiles
  • More than any other gospels, Luke refers to some peculiar people of the Roman society, and “always in a favorable light”. Which people are these? A: Roman centurions
  • How many chapters does the book of Luke have? A: 24
  • How many have you answered right? Would you read the material again?
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