Bible Experience 1

(two questions from each chapter in Luke)

  • According to Luke 1:11, the angel appeared to Zechariah, standing near the altar of incense. On which side of the altar did he appear? (A: the right side)
  • Please fill in the following, where Gabriel introduces himself to Zechariah: “ I am Gabriel who stands………..” (Luke 1:19) (A: in the presence of God)
  • According to Luke 2:36, what tribe of Israel was Anna, the prophetess, descending from? (A: Asher)
  • In Luke 2:41 we find out that Joseph, Mary and Jesus went from Nazareth to Jerusalem every year. What Jewish festival were they attending to? (A: Passover)
  • Chapter 3 of Luke ends with Jesus’ genealogy. While all names are introduced as being “the son of…”, how is Adam introduced into this genealogy? (A: the son of God)
  • According to Luke 3:15, what were the crowds questioning in their minds about John? (A: whether he was the Christ or not)
  • In Luke 4:5, we learn that for one of the temptations, Satan showed Jesus all the kingdoms of the world. How long did it take that “show”? (A: o moment of time)
  • According to Luke 4:23, during his sermon in the synagogue in Nazareth, Jesus quoted a proverb. Since it had only three words, please write it: ….  ….  …. (A: Physician, heal yourself)
  • In chapter 5 of Luke we find the miraculous catching of fish. Can you identify the name of the water where the boats sailed? (A: lake of Gennesaret)
  • In Luke 5:27, Jesus calls Levi to follow him. Where was Levi sitting when he received the call? (A: at the tax office)
  • On a Sabbath day Jesus healed a man whose hand was withered. As you recall the event in Luke 6:6, which hand was that, left or right? (A: right)
  • According to Luke 6:12, before making the final call to the twelve apostles, Jesus prayed. How long did he pray for that? (A: all night)
  • In Luke 7:36-50 we find out that Jesus was invited to have lunch at the house of a Pharisee. What was the name of that Pharisee? (A: Simon)
  • In the beginning of chapter 7 of Luke, we have the story of Jesus healing the servant of a centurion. What was the town where the event took place? (A: Capernaum)
  • Many women were following Jesus. Can you recall three of them, as they appear mentioned by name in Luke 8:2-3? (A: Mary, Joanna, Susanna)
  • What was the name of the unclean spirit that possessed the man in the region of Gerasenes, according to Luke 8:30? (A: legion)
  • In Luke 9:10 we learn of the first feeding of the multitudes, the 5,000 men. What was the name of the city where this miracle took place? (A: Bethsaida)
  • According to Luke 9:30, on the mount of transfiguration Jesus took with him three of the disciples. What other two men appeared on the mountain? (A: Moses and Elijah)
  • When Jesus sent the 72 disciples to go and preach, (Luke 10:3) he warned them saying (please fill in): I send you out as …. among …. (A: lambs, wolves)
  • Rebuking three cities where He performed many miracles, Jesus points out that pagan cities like Tyre or Sidon would have repented long ago. According to Luke 10:10, which were the three unrepentant cities? (A: Chorazin, Bethsaida and Capernaum)
  • According to Luke 11:29, what was that evil generation looking for, and demanding from Jesus? (A: a sign)
  • In Luke 11:38, a Pharisee who had invited Jesus to dine with him is marveled by the way Jesus approached the table for eating. What was different in Jesus’ manner compared to the Pharisees’? (A: Jesus did not wash before eating)
  • What was “the leaven of Pharisees” that Jesus warned his disciples about, in Luke 12:1? (A: hypocrisy)
  • What is the price of 5 sparrows, according to Jesus in Luke 12:6? (A: two copper coins)
  • In Luke 13:11 Jesus heals a woman suffering from a spirit of infirmity. For how long now was she suffering, before meeting Jesus? (A: 18 years)
  • To which animal is Jesus comparing Herod, the king, according to Luke 13:32? (A: Fox)
  • In Luke 14:1-6, we read of Jesus healing a man on the Sabbath. What was that man suffering from? (A: dropsy)
  • Please fill in the saying of Jesus in 14:35, “He who has …. to …. let him ….” (ears, hear, hear)
  • Identify the three animals mentioned in the parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15). (A: swine, calf, goat)
  • Please fill in the complaint toward Jesus, as found in Luke 15:2 “This Man ….   ….  and …. …. them.” (A: receives, sinners, eats, with)
  • True or false. One of the debtors, in the parable of unjust steward (Luke 16), owing the master 100 measures of corn, was asked to write on the bill of debt only 80. (A: false, it was wheat).
  • According to Luke 16:28, how many brothers did the rich man have (the parable of the rich man and Lazarus)? (A: five)
  • What did Jesus say to all ten lepers when they asked him to heal them (Luke 17:14)? (A: go and show yourselves to the priests)
  • In the second part of Luke chapter 17, Jesus is asked about the timing of the coming kingdom of God. He answers comparing his coming to two events in the Old Testament. One was the coming of the Flood, in the time of Noah. What was the other event? (A: destruction of Sodom, in the time of Lot)
  • Please fill in the blanks (Luke 18:8) “when the Son of Man comes, will He really ….  ….  on the ….?” (A: find, faith, earth)
  • How many times did the Pharisee fast in a week, according to Luke 18:12? (A: twice)
  • What was the name of the town where Zacchaeus lived? (Luke 19:1) (A: Jericho)
  • Please fill in the blanks (Luke 19:46): “It is written, ‘My house is a house of prayer,’ but you have made it a …. …. …..’” (A: den of thieves)
  • In Luke 20:17, Jesus quotes the Old Testament, pointing out to something that has become “the chief cornerstone”. What was that thing? (A: the stone which the builders rejected)
  • According to Luke 20:27, the group of the Sadducees denied an important Biblical belief. Which one was that? (A: resurrection)
  • According to Luke 21:24, who will trample upon the city of Jerusalem? (A: Gentiles)
  • In Luke 21:37 we find out that Jesus taught people during the day in the temple, while during the night he went to a mountain. What was the name of that mountain? (A: Olivet)
  • The disciples disputed something at the Lord’s supper. What was their dispute about, according to Luke 22:24? (A: which of them should be considered the greatest)
  • How many swords did the disciples have with them when they went into the garden? (Luke 22:38) (A: two)
  • According to Luke 23:12, what changed in the relationship between Herod and Pilate when they judged Jesus? (A: they became friends)
  • In Luke 23:26, we learn that Simon from Cyrene carried Jesus’ cross. Did he carry that cross following Jesus or in front of him? (A: after Jesus)
  • The good news of Jesus’ resurrection, brought by the women, was not believed first by the disciples as, according to Luke 24:11, their words seemed to them like: “…. ….” (A: idle talks)
  • What was the distance between Emmaus and Jerusalem, according to Luke 24:13? (A: seven miles)
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