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Bible Experience 3

Participants are required to read the SDA Bible Commentary for the book of Luke (2 pages). The document can be downloaded as PDF here: Luke Some 20 questions from the above document: Concerning the title of Luke, please mention what was its title according to the earliest manuscripts A: “According to Luke”. According to Tertullian,

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Bible Experience 2

(two questions from each chapter in Luke) To whom was addressed the Gospel, as Luke wrote it? Be very specific: …..    …..    …..” (1:3) A: most excellent Theophilus John the Baptist was to remind people of an Old Testament prophet. What was the name of that prophet, as the angel mentioned it in

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Bible Experience 1

(two questions from each chapter in Luke) According to Luke 1:11, the angel appeared to Zechariah, standing near the altar of incense. On which side of the altar did he appear? (A: the right side) Please fill in the following, where Gabriel introduces himself to Zechariah: “ I am Gabriel who stands………..” (Luke 1:19) (A:

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